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Northwest Students


The goal of the NWStudent ministry is to fulfill the great commission by equipping, training and inspiring students to be on mission for Jesus in gospel proclamation, life on life discipleship and living sent on mission. 

NW Students

  • Are a gospel-centered student ministry. 
  • Focus on student leadership to equip and train other students.  This is life-on-life discipleship. 
  • Seek to launch new student-led community groups. 
  • Support and encourage family-centered Sunday engagement. Encourage families to attend worship and family community groups together for cross-generational impact.
  • Adopt the 6th-grade students into the student ministry to provide a strong Junior High focus ministry.  




  • On Wednesday nights, the NWStudent ministry meets for activities, worship, student testimonies, and gospel-centered teaching, sometimes on-campus and sometimes off-campus at homes.


  • The NWStudent ministry provides training, at 4:30 pm, for all students and adults in leading a community group, peer mentorship, and adult overseers for each community group. 
  • The NWStudent ministry supports and encourages all students to attend worship in person or online with their family and engage in a community group with their family. 
  • NW Community groups are asked to engage all families whose students attend NW without their family to invite them to community groups. 

Throughout the week:

  • NWStudent peer mentorship program:  Throughout the week qualified Juniors and Seniors partner with underclassmen to engage in life-on-life discipleship, spiritual accountability, and Christ-centered relationships.  




NW Family Ministries Background Check Application