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Northwest Kids | Dig In: Foundations of Faith Fall Discipleship

We are exciting to be launching our new kids' discipleship program - DIGin! This program is designed to be done in your home or as a community group! Each week there are video based lessons answering the question: "WHO IS GOD?" We will also have boxes of resources for each child to use including activity pages, discussion guides, and much more!


Week 12 | God is Forgiving: Peter denies Christ

Week 11 | God is Loving: Jesus pays the ultimate price


Week 10 | God is Provider: Jesus feeds the 5,000

Week 9 | God is all-knowing: Jonah runs from God




Week 8 | God is our Friend: King David

Week 7 | God is Always with Us: Elisha & the armies of Aram 

Week 6 | God is All Powerful: Elijah & the prophets of Baal


Week 5 | God is Holy: the Tabernacle



Week 4 | God is Kind: God takes care of Hagar & Ishmael

Week 3 | God is Faithful: God makes Abraham the Father of Many Nations

Week 2 | God is Creator: God tells Job about His Creation

Week 1 | God is Real: Moses & the Burning Bush