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Coronavirus Update

A Letter from Pastor Rob

Dear Church,
We want to create an environment that is safe for all and welcome to all.  Our Connect Team greets you on Sundays with hand-sanitizer and a mask if you need one.  The masks are encouraged.  There is an abundance of grace to be found in God’s church.
We are not having childcare for the month of June.  There may be some children rolling around on the floor and there may be a bit of restlessness in the room, but we welcome these little ones to the family of God!  There is an abundance of grace to be found in God’s church.
We are encouraging those “At-Risk” or those just “not yet ready” to continue in person, to worship online with us; but if some of our members are ready to return, we welcome you back with open arms.  There is an abundance of grace to be found in God’s church.  
We are no longer be passing the plate during the offering, but we still have time during our worship to pray for our giving to the Lord.  We ask that you devote the offering time to continue to cultivate a heart of thanksgiving.  There are offering plates near the entrance and exit of the Worship Center.  There is an abundance of grace to be found in God’s church.  
Our restrooms have attendants and workers cleaning them constantly throughout the morning providing a safe and clean environment for those using the restrooms.  The lobby outside the worship area is open for families who feel their little ones need room or space as they adjust to the worship service.  There is an abundance of grace to be found in God’s church. 
We encourage air hugs, and air handshakes as we adhere to the guidelines by our state in social distancing for re-opening the church.  We encourage congregational singing with masks as we praise the Lord together, social distancing as possible. There is an abundance of grace to be found in God’s church.  
Community groups are welcome to meet outside during the week or even in the morning before service.  There are groups that are not ready to meet and there are groups that meet via zoom and you guessed it… there is an abundance of grace to be found in God’s church.  
Our heart is to worship our God with one voice united under the gospel of Christ.  We will do that, Lord willing!  
I love being your pastor.
In Christ,



Northwest Baptist Church Regathering Plan

This guide provides information regarding the schedule of return for congregants as well as the implementation of sanitation procedures as we seek to provide as safe an environment as possible during this time.

Steps to Regathering

After prayerful consideration, the leadership of Northwest Baptist Church is implementing a three-phase return to gathering on the campus at 23rd street. Like everything we do, the driving force behind our decision is the proclamation of the gospel, life on life discipleship, and being on mission together.

1. Timeline

We are currently meeting for worship on Sundays and encourage those who are considered "At-risk" to worship together online with us at this time. We will seek to expand our on-campus meetings in July or August as the Lord leads. 

2. Subject to Change

All of these steps are subject to daily briefings by federal, state, and local officials, and most importantly the leading of the Holy Spirit.

3. Facility Weekday Hours

Northwest is improving ways of utilizing the staff for ministry. Each team member has been in the process of taking on new roles in addition to previous responsibilities. Facility weekday hours for the 23rd street campus are: Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays, 9am-1pm. Wednesdays 1pm-5pm.


Cleaning Procedures

In order to reduce the spread of germs, the following steps are being taken before opening the campus:

1. Disinfectant

Entryways, doors, door handles, restrooms, handrails, chairs, countertops, and other high trafficked areas are being thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant.

2. Ionization

Following weekly gatherings, the facility is treated through an ionization process with medical grade cleaner to kill bacteria.  

3. Hands-Free Dispensers

Northwest has initiated the installation of handsfree soap dispensers in the restrooms. Likewise, hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility in key areas. Hands-free sanitizer dispensers will be placed on the walls around the property over the few weeks.

4. Cleaning Team On-site

The facility crew team as well as members of the congregation who are not CDC categorized as “at risk,” will serve the facility when the church gathers in the following ways: continually rotating through restrooms to provide ongoing sanitation and disinfection of sinks, door handles, stalls, and toilets.

5. CG & Children’s Areas Disinfected

Each time community group rooms or nursery/children’s rooms are used; a thorough sanitation process is followed in order to seek to ensure any harmful viruses are eradicated.

6. Children’s Hallway Codes

Because of the essential safety measures necessary, the Children’s Director has reset the access code for the children’s hallways. The Children’s Director has issued codes to staff and other leaders/members.


Worship Services

Northwest is seeking to adapt the elements of our worship service to provide the distance necessary during this unique time for the congregation.

1. Online Streaming Continued

The worship service will continue to be offered through online streaming for those who are unable to attend due to risk of health or other impediments.

2. Worship Center Spacing

Chairs have been spaced in the worship center to provide necessary distance for congregants to practice social distancing during the worship service.  

3. Offering & the Lord’s Supper

During worship, the church will continue to observe the offering as an act of worship as well as the Lord’s Supper; however, due to the virus, plates will not be passed during these times. Alternative options such as online giving and secure offering boxes inside the worship center are available. When the church observes the Supper together, congregants will move from their seats to stations in order to receive the elements. Time, space, and special considerations will be made to take the necessary precautions and allow members the opportunity to participate.

4. Loving One Another & Responsible Distancing

Northwest continues to be an incredibly friendly church. We show this through actions and words; signs throughout the facility encourage the church to continue to love one another while refraining from shaking hands, hugging necks, or holding hands in prayer. Paper bulletins have been replaced with digital guides.

Ministries of the Church

The leadership of Northwest is seeking to make the most of the time the Lord has provided. We have opportunities to minster to those who are experiencing crisis.

1. Community Group Gatherings

When possible, community groups will seek to meet off-campus, in homes, and reach those who are unable to meet together with others in person. Whatever works best to accomplish life on life discipleship will be the goal.

2. Checking-In Children

When children begin having class again, temperature-checks will be standard. This is for the safety of all children in the gathering room and the leaders. The church will not be able to provide refreshments as a safety precaution.

3. Pastoral Support

For those who have been affected by job loss and financial trauma, the pastoral leadership team is available for support as well as connecting members of the family to resources available.