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Holy Week Devotional The Crucifixion


John 19-17-37

The Crucifixion

The Crucifixion is full of meaning, but let us concentrate on Jesus;  let us look to Him.

We see that our Lord and Savior receives the full cup of God’s wrath (Revelation 14:10) and justice poured out for our sins (Luke 22:42). Jesus fulfills the covenant that Abraham made with God (Genesis 15:9-21). God asks Abraham to cut animals in half. This was an old king tradition that the conquering king would make the conquered king walk through the half cut animals as a covenant. This covenant meant if you did not keep with what I have said then this will happen to you; you too will be cut in half. . Then God puts Abraham to sleep and walks through this in his place. God fulfills this on the cross as he is torn apart for our sins, because we could not keep the covenant. Our God is faithful.  We deserve God’s judgment, yet Christ took our place, so that we may receive life. 


Do you recognize what Christ did for you?

He, who was without sin, covered you with His righteousness and gave you life.


Jesus was required to carry His own cross. This was a Roman sign of guilt as sentenced individuals were stripped naked and then forced to carry their own torture apparatus. Again, Jesus, innocent, carries or bears our guilt of sin and covers us with His blood. Christ gives us life. 


On the small sign posted above Jesus’s head were the words “Jesus of Nazareth, The King of the Jews.” The religious leaders condemned Christ to Rome, because they said He wants to be king and rebel against the rule of Rome. They also condemned Him because He said He was God.  Those who condemn Christ are the religious leaders, and the military might of Rome (Babylon) but like sheep we also cry out,  “Crucify Him!” 


Christ dealt with our sin here all the way to the cross;  we are called to receive His grace and allow His Holy Spirit to change the desires of our hearts. So today, Look to Him. Look to the faithful God who has taken your sins to give you life. Look to Him when you feel the prison walls of sin closing in on your life. Look to Him, when you see no way out. Look to Him for He is good. Look to Him for life. 


Author Steve Kluge