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Holy Week Devotional: Jesus on the Cross



Behind the covering of the blood-soaked purple cloak and the excruciating punctures of the thorns that adorned his head, was the embodiment of Almighty God - the Creator of all things.  At a moment’s notice, a single word from the Most High would have removed Him from this heinous act and return Him to his rightful position in the presence of the Father.  Yet, He remained silent as it had been foretold 700 years prior.  (Isaiah 53:7)

Beyond the rigged trial, the ridicule, and the devastating pain that was so skillfully unleashed on his body, the spirit of Christ was broken down to a place of absolute desolation and isolation from God the Father, as the weight of all of man’s evil was laid upon this pure and spotless sacrificial lamb.  The wretched sin that must separate mankind from Holy God was transferred to Christ, and He in that moment was abandoned from the presence of the Father.  (Isaiah 53:8-10)

Mark 15:30 declares “the curtain of the temple was torn in two, from the top to the bottom”.  This curtain was the ancient representation of man being separated from God’s holy presence.  Only the high priest could enter God’s holy presence once per year, and only after being cleansed by the blood of a sacrifice.  With the death of Christ as the ultimate sacrifice, the old covenant is replaced with a new and better covenant.  One that is not dependent on man’s continual yet failing efforts to attain an acceptable standing before God, but one that was initiated from God down to man.  One sacrifice, able to save all who believe upon Christ and cleanse them from all of their unrighteousness.  (Hebrews 9:11-14)

As we remember Christ’s sacrifice, may we recommit and devote ourselves to obedience to Him and live as people who have been set free to live under the Spirit-controlled covenant of Christ.