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Holy Week Devotional: Jesus in the Tomb


SCRIPTURE: MARK 15:42-47; Matthew 27:62-66

The Jewish leaders insisted that Pilate secure the tomb with soldiers stating that Jesus' disciples might steal his body away and claim that He'd been resurrected. They asserted that this second "deception"-resurrection- would be worse than the first- believing Jesus to be the Messiah. Pilate, perhaps with a hint of sarcasm, deflected the request back at them saying "you have your own soldiers, go and make it a secure as you can", likely referring to the detachment of Roman guards in the Fortress Antonia adjacent to the Jewish temple who were assigned to guard it.  The Jewish leaders proceeded to take the Roman soldiers to guard and to seal the tomb, likely using a rope and sealing wax with an official Roman seal.

In these few verses, we see the Jewish leaders, the Roman government, and Satan himself did everything possible to keep Jesus' body confined in the tomb. Nevertheless, they were powerless to prevent Him from resurrection on the third day! Proverbs 21:30 says " no wisdom, insight, or counsel can prevail against the Lord".

This year of the pandemic has caused fear, financial loss, sickness, the death of friends and loved ones for many. Romans 8:28 promises believers all things will work together for the good of God's kingdom for those who are walking according to His purposes. No power, human or demonic, could stop Jesus from Resurrection. Likewise, nothing can prevent God from advancing His Kingdom through us.


God never breaks His promises.  As Christ-followers may we find comfort and peace in God's promises knowing we are children of God!