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Holy Week Devotional: Jesus Questioned


SCRIPTURE:  MARK 11:27-12:12

The chief priests, the scribes, and the elders came to ask questions of Jesus.  This would have been part of their responsibilities as religious leaders.  They wanted to make sure the truth was taught; however, Mark 11:18 tells us they already had their minds made up.  They were working their own purposes rather than serving the mission of God.  What about us?  Are our minds open to hear from Jesus about a personal calling, or have we already decided what we are going to do with our lives? 

Father, how do we need to be open to hearing from You?

The Priests and scribes were aware and concerned of Jesus and His miracles.  They questioned His authority and thought they could back Him into a corner.  Jesus turned their questioning back on them.  The Lord is smarter than any man and this is one of the many reasons we serve Him as believers. 

What are 10 additional reasons we choose to follow the Lord?

Though rejected by many, Jesus, God's son has been sent to die on the cross for our sin, rise from the dead, and reign as King.  He offers forgiveness to those who confess and believe in Him as Lord. 

Pray for the Lord to reveal 5 people by name we know that need Jesus.

After naming them, please pray for each individually.  Invite them to the Northwest Baptist Church Easter service this weekend.  Even if we have invited these individuals to a service before, let’s invite them again!