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Archives for May 2022

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Holy Week Monday Cleansing the Temple


One of the reasons Jesus might have cleansed the temple was because roadblocks had been thrown in the doorway of entering the temple. The mere idea of entering the temple might have become a burden and distraction for many. Moneychangers were in the temple court to help foreigners exchange their money for the acceptable currency. ...

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Holy Week Devotional Plot to Kill Jesus


Ask any attorney who practices criminal defense and they are likely to express that their highest and most sacred objective is to protect the innocent man from false accusation; and in doing so, establish hope that the truly guilty party might meet justice. In the case of Christ, we see this model flipped completely on its head. Let us examine some of those who played a ro...

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Holy Week Devotional Last Supper


The Last Supper Mark 14:22-24 When Jesus partook in the last supper, he revealed the monumental significance of his death and resurrection.He spoke specifically of the new covenant of his blood.The Jewish people were familiar with the covenants of God.After the flood, the Lord made a covenant with Noah that the earth would never again be destroyed by water and sealed i...

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Holy Week Guarding The Tomb


Matthew 27:62-66 David Hume, an essayist from the enlightenment, basically purports that religion or miracles cannot be based on human testimony and empirical evidence. In his essay , "On Miracles," he writes with derision, "Mere reason is insufficient to convince us of its veracity: And whoever is moved by Faith to assent to it, is conscious of a continued miracle in...

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Holy Week Take Refuge in Christ


Psalm 2: What a difference a week makes. At the beginning of the week, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a colt. At the beginning of the week, Jesus is welcomed. the people cried out "Hosanna to the Son of David! At the beginning of the week, the Messianic prophecy of the True King is fulfilled. But something happened and the week did not end the way it had started. At the end...

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Holy Week The Resurrection


Luke 24:1-8 Jesus is LifeThe one by whom the world was created is the one who took on flesh and made his dwelling among men. He did this to die so that we may have life. This is the greatest story of love that has ever been and ever will be. The giver of life has taken death for you. On Sunday the women went to the tomb expecting to see the body of Jesus, yet to their surp...

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Questions: I don't feel like I can lead. How do I make a difference?I don't have any opportunities to be a leader. What do I do How do I improve as a leader?How do I know what a good leader looks like? Intro Story:Have you ever had a day where you feel like everything has fallen apart right beforeyour eyes, and the reason that everything has fallen apart because of your ...

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